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There were two phases to the hardware design.  The first was to test all of the components individually to see if I could get them to work.  Here are some old pictures of some of the original testing of hardware components.


One of the first things I had to do is find an R/C Car chassis that I could use for the robot.  I took apart the radio shack bedlam to see how much room I could use in it.  I decides to use the chassis, stripping out most of everything except the rear motors and gears.  This left a lot of room for electronics


The first electronics I designed was involved in getting two motors to go at whatever speed I wanted to get them on, and then monitor there speed with shaft encoders.  This was my first attempt at this.  For this I had some simple diagnostic software and my first PCB for this project, which had the electronics for both the shaftencoders and the H-Bridge.  What a mess! As you might guess all of the hardware was eventually redesigned, however some of the software was moved on to the next level.