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Fast Forward a few months, and I was finally able to start putting in a significant amount of time into the project.  I made two new PCBs.  This one is the new regulator board converting the batteries 9.6 volts to 5 volts with some 80% efficiency.  There are three of them on the board, each of them capable of 1 amp of power.  Also using three instead of one provides some power isolation.  The PCB was layed out to fit the exactly the same slot that the old R/C transmitter and driver board used to fit in.  That is why it has the strange shape.


This is the new H-Bridge motor.  Same motor drivers as the first one, but layed out in a more compact package.  The empty sockets were for noise suppressing capacitors on the output if necessary.  Notice the layout error on the backside as a trace is going to the wrong side of the surface mount package!  I can't believe I didn't catch that one.