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About a month after I made the board, I was finally getting all of my hardware together.  However I was lacking the 28 gauge small profile interconnect that I would not get in until October.  Until them I still had to test my hardware, so everything is all over the place.  At this point I put in the H-Bridge board and power regulation board, to what would be their final resting place.  

Here is an overall shot that could see what mess the project was in, with wires all over the place.  It pretty amazing that it all fits on the robot now.  Also in the picture is the 128X64 pixel LCD.  The white ruler, and cardboard is for testing the IR rangefinders.

Here is the first picture of the IR rangefinder mechanical, and the sonar.  The IR array was to stay in its present power except it would be mounted a bit higher after the main board would be put in.  The sonar placement would change a bit with the board surrounding the sonar instead of being behind it. Also one of the four boards sonar boards were changed.

Here is the a picture of the testing software which is very similar to the one used today.  There are the two shaft encoder gauges, the motor speed control bars, the IR rangefinders bars, the sonar window, and the PS2 mouse displacement readings.  Also the text windows where for testing the serial protocols on the embedded system early on.