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Finally here is a picture of the IR analog board.  It is just a power supply and decupling capacitors.  It also routes the 5 IR Rangefinders, and the temperature chips input into a common header which is connected to the 167 board.  Also its power and ground is provided to the 167 board to combat that noise difference between the 167 board and the analog board.

Here are some pictures of the sonar boards and the sonar.  There are four sonar boards.  The poloraiod sonar kit board, which drivers the sonar. (Front)

This board is the stepper motor driver board.  It consists of 4 high side drivers (NMOS).

The board feature in this picture provides some interface with the 167 to the Polaroid board.  It basically is the power supply, with the big capacitor, and some Schmitt inverters to clear up the edges.  It also contains the electronics for the IR emitter/detector pair, which serve to indicate when the sonar is at 0 degrees relative to the robot.

This is a general look at the four boards.  The aforementioned forth board is just a wiring adapter board.