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Note that the simulator is more of a tool then an application and as such the help file (F1) does quite explain how it works, so beware if downloading.


Download Latest version of DirectX Simulator Build



Download Latest version of GDI Simulator Build (Faster if only using GDI rendering)





Here are some screenshots



Here is the 3D rendered version of the simulation.  The robot is navigating.  If you zoom in on the graph (upper right) you could see its path (as specified by the green line)


Same as above except rendered in 2D


How does the simulation work?  Well it must simulate every sensor on the robot and support their API calls.  Here are some pictures of the sonar being simulated

The simulator models the sonar as an expanding beam.  It however does not take into acount the very complicated sonar reflection model.


The IR rangefinders are easier to simulate.


Of course it is nice how far 3D graphics accelerators an APIs (directX 8.0) have come along, which makes 3D programming with textures and many polygons fairly easy.